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Need a Recommendation For an Ergonomic Mac Keyboard

My doctor says I need an ergonomic keyboard, to help with the strain on my wrists I know any keyboard will work with the Mac. I was wanting a Mac specific keyboard with the Command Key, special function keys, etc. I have searched everywhere I know to look and I can’t even find one Mac ergonomic keyboard. Does a Mac ergonomic keyboard even exist? Where can I buy a Mac ergonomic keyboard? Does anyone recommend an ergonomic keyboard most of the once I have found online still come in 90s beige.

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    12 years ago

    Since I don't use one myself, I can't recommend one. You may just need to forget about getting one with the command key label on it and focus on getting one that is best for you. After all, it is just a label.
    I would suggest going to a store that sells a wide variety of keyboards. A computer store near you (Frys, etc) and trying them out. Since you are getting one on doctor's orders, it is best to get one that will do you the most benefit.

    Mac Carter
    12 years ago

    A great ergonomic keyboard is made by Kinesis . I've owned and used one for over 12 years. Fabulous. Bit of a learning curve.

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