Forum Question: Occasional Loss of Shift-Select Ability

I’ve only had my iMac for about 9-months and I’ve lost some basic functionality.

When you want to select a continuous group of files one can usually select the first, hold down the shift key, select the last and all files between will be selected as well.

Not on my iMac.

It works here and there, but not everywhere. I haven’t yet noticed any particular patter to its erratic behaviour.

Running Snow Leopard if that helps.


— forkboy1965

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    12/26/09 @ 9:32 pm

    I’ve never heard of this problem before. I think the key would be to identify the pattern, just like you said. That will be the first step in figuring it out.

      12/27/09 @ 3:09 pm

      Thanks Gary. I will endeavor to keep a log of such events, but I think, and don’t hold me to this, I’ve already noticed one pattern.

      It seems to only occur when I’m selecting files outside the scope of an actual application; like when I’m in Finder.

      It seems to work just fine when I’m selecting files from within an app; like iTunes.

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