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OSX Lion mail application, i have mail on full screen, with the 3 colours open. Folders on left, mail list in the middle coloum and mail read windows on the right. However the text is quite small. i zoom in using command and + keys, this zooms to the size i require. this soon is now set for this one email only. when i look at a different email the window is small again. when i go back to the previous email, it is still zoomed in. how can i set zoomed in amount to all mail in my inbox and any further mail i receive.

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    7/28/11 @ 7:49 am

    So your goal is to have text that is easier to read?
    Then set the default font for messages to something larger.
    In Mail, Preferences, go to Fonts & Colors. Set the default Message Font to a larger size.
    See episode 580:

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