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Photo Booth video on YouTube

i’m using a’s my first time actually. i love iMovie, i began uploading videos on youtube since i started using here’ the qestion…how do i upload videos from photobooth in youtube? i also tried editing it on iMovie but i don’t know how to put it on the new project.i hope you can help me on this…thank you sooooo much!

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    10 years ago

    Photo Booth saves all its video as files. So there is no need to export from Photo Booth, as it is already there and ready for you. Just select the photo or video at the bottom, and use File, Reveal in Finder (Command+R) to jump right to the file. You can use the YouTube web interface to upload this video to your account.
    To edit the video in iMovie, just import it into iMovie. You can use File, Import for that in iMovie. It will be the video in an “event” and then you can bring that clip from the event into a project. For iMovie editing basics, see episode 259:
    You can also skip Photo Booth and shoot your video using iMovie as well. This places the video right into an event.

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