Forum Question: Removing a voice from an Imovie

I’m editing bunches of family tapes in Imovie. But there is an annoying voice behind the camera telling people to smile, turn around, etc. That annoying voice is ME.
Is there an Apple audio program that can just eliminate that voice from the iMovie without ruining the general audio track.
John Boni

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    6/5/11 @ 8:16 am

    There’s really no way to do that.
    I suppose a professional audio editor with professional equipment and a lot of time could work bit by bit to recreate the soundtrack without that voice.
    But you can’t do it automatically. Audio doesn’t work that way. The voice and all other voices and background noise can’t be separated because they are using the same audio frequencies.
    Now what you can do is use iMovie 11’s audio segment volume control to silence sections of the audio. So you can go through the movie bit by bit and lower the volume to 0 in some sections where it is just your voice. But that will silence everything in that section. But you can do it on a second-by-second basis if you work at it.

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