Forum Question: Roxio Toast Blu-Ray plugin

Is their much difference in this blue rey plugin than just burning in regular video format from Quciktime or iLife. I just want to make sure if it’s worth my time getting this blue rey plugin. I burn movies just for home use and like to keep for future use.

— Imacer

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    4/24/10 @ 9:05 am

    I don’t know much about it, as I don’t have it. But you would need to have a Blu-ray recorder to make Blu-ray discs. There is a page of info at — if you have any questions beyond that, I’d contact Roxio.

    4/24/10 @ 9:08 am

    thanks, so much I will. Gary what would be one of the best formats to burn in with out this plugin than. Thank you.

      4/24/10 @ 9:09 am

      Do you mean burn a DVD? A DVD is a DVD — there are no format choices.

    4/24/10 @ 9:10 am

    Yes, DVD for home use.

      4/24/10 @ 9:16 am

      OK. Then just edit your video at the same size it was recorded (1280×720 if it is 720p HD, for instance) and then use that video in iDVD to make your DVDs. iDVD will convert it to DVD format, but at least you are giving it the best quality to work with during the conversion.

    4/24/10 @ 9:22 am

    Will it make much difference if I was to burn in Quicktime 1280×1080 HD, video format H.264, since I have wide screen tv’s.

      4/24/10 @ 9:27 am

      You can’t. DVDs are standard definition only. That’s the DVD format. You can use 1280×720 or 1920×1080 as your source, but the video on the DVD will be 640×480 or 720×480. If you want the DVD to use widescreen, then make sure you set your iDVD project up for widescreen (16:9).

        7/10/11 @ 3:22 am

        DVD “Players” can only handle Standard Definition DVD’s, but you can burn High Definition to standard DVD’s. It sounds weird I know but it is possible to burn a limited amount of High Definition video content onto a standard
        DVD-5 disc using Mpeg-2 or H264 AVCHD compression. I use compressor to first convert the files into either format, then for authoring in HD I use DVD Studio Pro. You will only be able to put a few minutes of HD content on a standard DVD, but at least you can save it and pass it to friends for them to play. The disc’s can be played in BluRay Players but not DVD Players. They can also be used on a Mac. Not all BluRay players can play DVD’s in Mpeg-2 HD format or AVCHD Format, but a lot will. Check the manufacturer spec for a list of compatible Disc types and formats.

    4/24/10 @ 9:31 am

    okay, thanks so much for your help and the fast reply’s.

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