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Should I Being Using iCloud for Document/File Storage Vs. My Mac Desktop?

Hello. Would be remise if I didn’t first mention how much I’ve benefited from you posts. Thank you.

My situation deals with iCloud vs. Documents for where to place my Word and Excel docs. I purchased an iPad to use for work in tandem with my Mac. When I needed remote access to files/docs I was told to save on my Mac. But, this did not give me access thru my iPad. While the majority of my work is now on Mac due to working from home, I would still like to have access thru my iPad for convenience in the future. So question is, should I move my document folders to iCloud (and then how to do it)? Also, should there be any concern of losing these docs if they’re on the cloud? My current system of saving Word docs is probably clugy vs. what I should be doing. I save to the desktop…then drag to the correct folder. Often a message window comes up with something about it was saved in iCloud and will not be available of something to that effect. Would appreciate your guidance. Thanks. Take care and stay safe. Jeff

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    2 years ago

    It sounds like storing your Documents and Desktop folders in iCloud Drive is exactly what you want. So why not do that?

    Just turn on the Desktop & Documents Folders option in System Preferences, Apple ID, iCloud, iCloud Drive. This moves your current folders onto iCloud Drive.

    Make sure you have an iCloud Drive plan large enough to store all of your files.

    As for concern over losing the files: why? You'd still have them on your Mac like you do now (assuming you don't turn on the "Optimize" feature in iCloud Drive) but then you'd have them in iCloud too. They'd be in MORE places than before with LESS chance of a disaster taking the files with it. For instance, someone steals your Mac and Time Machine backup now, your files are gone. But with iCloud, they'd still be in iCloud.

    2 years ago

    Perfect! Thanks so much for the advice! Greatly appreciated!!

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