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What Is the Best Way To Organise Files?

Hi Gary, I wonder if you could make a video about the best way to organise folders on a Mac. I’d like to start with a new instal on my computer and would like a better way to keep files, like personal, business, finance and so forth, what is your experience or do you use coloured folders that stand out? Tips and tricks… I can see quite a few general tutorials on the web on how to create a folder, rename or delete, and such, but I am after the best productive management of files, folder, document, pictures, movies.

Sebastian Tiplea

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    4 years ago

    I did a video on this a long time ago. I also include something similar in my Sierra course.
    Basically, it is up to you. Your Mac gives you the flexibility to arrange things like you want. But there are some standards.
    First, I would keep everything in your Documents folder. I would turn on the iCloud Drive option to store Documents in iCloud. Then you have everything available everywhere. That is, unless you have a ton of files — like many GB of video files or app development files like I do. But you don’t mention that so I will assume you have a normal typical set of files.
    So in the Documents folder, create subfolders for things like: Personal, Business, Finance or whatever you want.
    As for pictures, just store them in the Photos app, which puts them in a library in the Pictures folder. Use iCloud Photo Library so you have those everywhere too.
    As for movies, that depends. Videos you take on your phone? Maybe store them in Photos too, as most people do. Movies you rip from DVD? Maybe put them outside of your Documents folder so they don’t take up space in iCloud. Maybe in a subfolder of the Movies folder, or a new one you create.
    There are so many variations it is hard for me to say more. Just don’t be afraid to create folders and subfolders in the Documents folder to really get organized. On the other hand, you could always just name the files well and then rely on searches to find what you need when you need it.

    Sebastian Tiplea
    4 years ago

    Thank you, Gary. I think these are really good ideas to start with. How about the possibility to have coloured folders? I always find that I found easier something following colour codes.. is there a safe app for that?

    4 years ago

    I wouldn’t use a third-part app for something folder organization. If you really want to have folders stand out, try using simple custom icons for them. Or, use emoji characters in the names. You can use the built-in Finder Tags to add some color, but they are really meant tags so you can cross-reference things — like tagging all of your work files red and your personal files blue or something like that.

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