Grab Entire Webpage or Window Contents

If you need to grab the entire contents of a webpage, not just the visible portion, you can do so easily with the Export as PDF or Print functions. This saves the contents of the page as a single PDF file, which can be easily viewed offline and on other devices. This comes in handy for students who need to take online notes with them.
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So suppose you want to do a screen grab of something that's in say a browser window and it scrolls. For instance, this webpage here scrolls. There's a lot of information that's not visible at the same time on the screen. So you want to do a screen capture of the entire thing and then you have to do multiple screen captures or maybe get a special piece software, there are several out there, that will do a screen capture of the entire contents of a window. I get this question a lot from students that have notes that are online and various online classroom systems and they need to save them all, so they can view them off line.

Well, it's a lot easier than doing screen shots. You can actually just export the entire contents of a webpage. A lot of people don't make that leap from screen shots to actually saving the contents of a page.

In Safari, for instance, you can go to File, Export as PDF and then we can export a file, and it puts it here on my desktop. You can save it wherever you want. If I double click on it I can look inside Preview and there is, over multiple pages, the contents of that webpage As a PDF, which actually may be smaller and easier to read than as a series of screen shots. In fact, a PDF can easily be dropped into iBooks or in other systems and read on different types of devices. So that's really useful.

You also have the ability to go Print and then you can decide whether or not you want the backgrounds included because sometimes dark backgrounds can, you know, kind of get in the way. You can take away headers and footers. Then you can do PDF and you can save it as a PDF or just open it directly in Preview which is useful because then you can look at it in Preview first and decide whether or not you need to save this and then save it out there.

So there's several different ways to save the entire contents of a webpage . Anything actually where you can print you can save as PDF so not just webpages but other types of apps as well that you may want to save the contents of an entire window.

Note that on webpages a lot of times there's a different style sheet for printing than there is for viewing online. So when you print it may not look the same as it does if you view it online. Hopefully it looks better because that's the whole idea of having those special style sheets for printing. If it doesn't look as good then you may be out of luck there. You may just have to use with whatever they've got. I found one of the things that really works well with webpages since they're very horizontal is I go to Print and then I change to a horizontal layout. Then I get something that looks a lot more like the webpage itself than when I try to print with a very narrow vertical layout. I can still view this as a PDF just as easily.

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    Duane Bemister
    2 years ago

    Click the Reader icon to the left of the URL to remove adds, then Print and Save to PDF to edit the Title Meta name.

    Elise Hayes
    2 years ago

    This was extremely helpful. Thank you.

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