Hot Lap

It’s cold here. So very cold. A dreadfully chilly, finger numbing cold. Oh. It’s not cold outside. I’m talking about inside. During the winter months my wife prefers the thermostat to be set in the minus 30s – even if that means a crust of ice in the toilets. As a loyal non-complaining hubby I simply don all that’s wearable and jump up and down a lot. Regrettably the the extra-wear and the hopping aren’t enough, the chill still finds me and the house shakes from my shivering. If it weren’t for the radiating heat of my Macbook Pro Core Duo our warm cats would be stuffed in my armpits.

When this spiffy laptop warms up it gets really hot. Hot enough to cook waffles or brand cattle. If you’re wife is about to have a baby this is the computer you want to boil the obligatory water. It will have it to a churning roil in minutes. I think the water is for baby soup.

hot laptop

Others have complained that their Macbook Pros get just as hot, and I can’t help but wonder if the silhouetted dancers in iPod ads are hopping barefoot on a floor of Macbooks.

The excessive heat may infuriate those with sensitive laps and annoy the already hot, but I see it as a feature. An uncomfortable relief from the cruel touch of the chilly months. Or from a wife’s cold cold hands.

hot laptop