How To Change the Name Of Your Mac

If you are looking to view or change the name of your Mac, it is important to note that this could mean different things. You can't change your Mac's model name, but you can change a name used in file sharing and in lists on your iCloud account. There is also the name of your local Mac user account, which can be changed although it is not recommended.

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    5 months ago

    Gary, thank you for the reminder as to how to do this. I have two MACs on my home network, a mini running Monterey, and an iMAC running Catalina, both with the same "names". I would often not receive messages on the iMAC. Because of your video, I have changed the name of the iMAC (which I should have done before) and hopefully now messages won't be lost. Hopefully you have helped me find the root of my issue, Apple support was never able to.

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