How To Control Your iPad With A Trackpad Or Mouse In iPadOS 13.4

A new feature of iPadOS 13.4, released today, is the ability to control your iPad using a Bluetooth mouse or Trackpad. This works with almost any Bluetooth pointing device and any iPad capable of running iPadOS 13.4.

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    Paul Lind
    4 years ago

    I have the iPad 13.4 OS. I went to settings, bluetooth and the spinning circle searching for devices...AND NO TRACK PAD came up...what am I doing WRONG ????

    4 years ago

    Paul: Which trackpad do you have? Is it paired to something else? (need to "forget" it there). Did you turn it on and do whatever the pairing procedure is for that trackpad?

    4 years ago

    Gary, I have a Trackpad 1 and magic mouse 1 which I use with my iMac.
    I disconnected each from my iMac and tried with my iPad Pro (2018), one at a time.
    With each, I get the round cursor and cursor animations. Clicking works but that is it. No scrolling or gestures.
    In Settings/general, the over-riding option remains as Mouse and Trackpad.
    So compatibility seems to require Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2. A great pity, especially as trackpad and mouse work admirably with iMac running Catalina.

    4 years ago

    Rob: Yes, it looks like those older device won't work for scrolling. I wonder if that is just the way it will be, or Apple will have a fix in a future update.

    4 years ago

    Am using Logitech MX Master,, and having to disconnect from iMac,, and reconnect to iPad, is really difficult to accomplish, and then do visa versa. Am I missing a step for me to get a fluid connection from hopping from iMac to iPad and back again, or is this process telling me that when i do choose a device to work with, I should stay using it for a while, and not hop around. Or do I get a separate mouse bluetooth/ or even usb just for the iPad. Also, I cannot seem
    to scroll in Safari.

    4 years ago

    Gerard: That's how Bluetooth devices work. You have to unpair and repair. It has always been pretty difficult to swap. If you really need a keyboard or trackpad with your iPad, I'd get a separate one.

    hugh bradley
    4 years ago

    i connected trackpad to iPad. I see the cursor (gray), but i can’t click.
    I went into both, General and Accessibility, and can’t find anything there.


    4 years ago

    hugh: What model of trackpad? Are you using iPadOS 13.4?

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