How To Know Whether You Can Upgrade to Sierra

If you would like to know whether your Mac can upgrade to the latest version of macOS, there is an easy way to check using Apple's special page on the subject. You can also jump right from that page to the Mac App Store page on Sierra.

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    Barbara passman
    7 years ago

    About a month ago I got a message saying safari can't find server. Tried unsuccessfully to upgrade to sierra. Xfinity Comcast is our provider.

    7 years ago

    Barbara: Did this error appear when you tried to upgrade to Sierra? Or somewhere else? Did you try again?

    Marg B
    7 years ago

    Gary I am a mature user of my MacBook Pro and full time carer for husband with Parkinsons so not much time to spare to have a huge learning curve. Will I notice a huge difference from 10.11.6 to Sierra? I don't go in for all the fancy things using my computer - I just do very basic things such as email, web searches etc.

    7 years ago

    Marg: No, I don't think so. Email and web surfing are pretty much the same.

    Sylvia Chubbs
    7 years ago

    My Microsoft suite is 2011. Is this compatible with Sierra?

    7 years ago

    Sylvia: I don't know for sure, since I am using the latest version of Microsoft Office (I assume that is what you mean). A quick search comes up with lots of people that say it works, but it needs to be up-to-date (version 14.5.6 or later?).
    I find it is always best to keep your software up-to-date, though. SO you may want to consider getting the newer version of Office at some point.

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