How To Scroll On a Mac Plus Tips And Tricks

Scrolling on a Mac is a basic skill, but works differently than on Windows so it can trip up new users. There are also many shortcuts and settings. Learn some new tricks even if you are an experienced Mac user.

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    3 years ago

    Gary, informative even after using an Apple mouse for years. Wondering is there a way of increasing the distance a finger gesture will allow. I recall using a mouse with a scroll wheel, MS days, and there was the ability to increase the distance a turn of the scroll wheel allowed. thanks R.

    3 years ago

    Robert: Yes. System Preferences, Accessibility, Pointer Control, Mouse & Trackpad, Trackpad Options.

    Samme Chittum
    3 years ago

    I'm an editor, working in long, complex manuscripts. I was hoping for help learning to scroll more efficiently when working in book-length Pages/Word files. (I already know how to jump to the start and end of the manuscript.) But that leaves a lot of scrolling to go chapter by chapter to edit. Currently, I use Show Thumbnails, and scroll the thumbnails using two fingers on the trackpad. I also use "Find" to get around quickly. Got any other suggestions? Thanks.

    3 years ago

    Samme: How about using the relatively new sidebar TOC?

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