iPods For Everyone!

Apple announced that they had dropped the price of the 1 Gig iPod Shuffle to $49. $50 is the price point that technology essentially becomes affordable to anyone. That means that kids are going to get real iPods for their birthdays instead of cheap knockoffs from companies like Creative and SanDisk. That in itself is going to be a huge market.
Guys, think about the fact That now a Shuffle is cheaper than sending her a dozen roses and it also comes in red and you can put dozens of her favorite songs on it too.
iPod SHUFFLEWhen sub-fifty dollar iPods start hitting Target and Best Buy shelves, at the same price as a video game…let the impulse buying begin! It is also the price point that many companies can now afford to give iPods as incentives, gifts and prizes . If the past is any indication, in couple weeks you’ll be able to get them even cheaper on Amazon.
But it’s only a Shuffle, you might say. Actually, at my house we have all the iPods except for the Touch and the one that gets taken on dog walks, to the grocery store or out to do yard work is the Shuffle. The clip is awesome and it’s much more bullet proof than it’s bigger brothers. And at $50 The tears wont last as long as if you lost or dunked a bigger iPod.
One final thought is that at $49 the Shuffle is below the $50 gift limit for public officials, A certain councilman might not remember that lunch you bought, but I’m pretty sure they would remember who gave them a shuffle.