iTunes Coming To Smart TVs

In an unexpected move, Apple announced that it will soon make iTunes content available through an app on Samsung, LG, Vizio and other smart TVs. These TVs already have apps for accessing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and so on. But Movies and TV shows available through iTunes have only been available on Apple TV boxes and other Apple devices.

It is unclear how this will affect Apple’s upcoming streaming television programming, which may be free on Apple devices but require a subscription to access on non-Apple devices. Or, perhaps this means the entire service may be a subscription regardless of the device you use to watch, which is how Apple Music already works. Or, perhaps this app will only allow you to buy, rent and play movies and not be a part of the subscription TV service at all.

Existing 2018 Samsung TVs may get this app through a software update, as well as other brands of TVs. AirPlay 2 will also be available, allow you to stream music and video from your Apple devices to the TVs.