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Take a look at Keynote on the iPad. You can build presentations with text, images, charts, shapes and transitions. You can present them on your iPad's screen, using an external projector or monitor, or export them as PDFs for printing.
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Hi This is Gary with MacMost Now. In today's episode, first take a look keynotes on the iPad. This episode of MacMost Now is Brought to you by Gazelle is the easiest fastest way for you to sell or recycle your gadgets. Every item gets an offer and you get paid to be environmentally responsible. Use promo code MacMost for 5 percent bonus. So if you make lots of presentations one of the great things about the iPad is the Keynote app. This app from apple is kind of like the one from iWork that allows you to create Keynote presentations on your iPad and present them from your iPad as well. Let's take a look at some of the features. The basic series of the Keynotes are the same on the iPad as they are on the mac. Create a new presentation, and then you can add slides to it on the left. Do that by pressing the press button at the bottom. And then picking a master slide to add. Once you get that, you double-tap on any text field to edit it. Here is a little sample presentation and here we can see the transitions for each slide. So for the first one here I've got a cube transition. Second one I've got none and here the third one I've got something called magic move, which we will look at in a moment. To change a transition, tap on the transition there and struck which one you want to use. So we can change it to a... I will give to you a demo of it. Then for the second slide here we've got transitions on these bullets. I've got the transitions there and see that there is none for the main slide itself when I slide to the bullet I can see that I've got it's set to move build in for each individual item. I can tap on that to change it. A magic move is a kind of interesting. What you do is to take a slide like this for which it have several elements on it, and then you select transition and I will say none you select magic move and last if you want to duplicate the slide. This is because magic move lies in the fact that if you have two slides that of the same item in it. So now I've got slides 3 and 4 that are of the same items. And I've got to move all these together and I can resize them and everything. Put them together in a bunch. First I've got these pictures in a bunch here on the second slide I've spread all these pictures like this. And I've got the magic move between the two. So now if I press play, I will see them in a bunch and now I will tap and it will then go and perform the magic move to re-position the slides at the pictures as they are on the second slide. Now working with the slides is a matter of selecting objects, you can move them around with a rhythm. For instance, I can select this image here, I can click on the image editor here and I can select a new photo to use. So here I am with a blank slide, and I can add a variety of different elements to the slide. In addition to media which are pictures and movies, I can add tables, charts and even shapes. And to get any of these on to the slide I can basically just try to drop it, and I have this pi chart here I can double tap it and bring up this area which can edit the chart data. At any time I can return to my list of presentations and flip to the one that I've created. Pretty presentation like this I can export it basically I can sent it by emails and share it on or I can do a general export for which I've got two options here. One is to export it to keynote on my mac which I can share it through items the other is to export it as pdf. So ..keynote, it is very easy to create presentation on the iPad and produce alternate versions for each audience like a lot of presenters do. Then if you have the video adapter you can hook it up to a larger screen or projector and make a presentation on them. You get the special screen then on your iPad you can control the presentation while it goes on in the main screen. You can even press and hold on the screen and then a red laser pointer appears on the main screen like a point out item in your presentation. Then of course you can also export as a pdf and mail that, so if you want to provide somebody with a pdf version of your presentation or send it along to a printing service to have it printed ahead your presentation you can do all that right from your iPad. Hope you look at this keynotes for iPad, till next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    9 years ago

    You should have at least mentioned in passing that the iPad version is NOT compatible with the Mac version of Keynote. It loses font info, rearranges the text and is generally unusable. I don’t know if the reverse is true, though.

    Apple SHOULD have made them compatible. It’s far more natural to design your presentation on your Mac and then put it on the iPad to show. I hope they fix this soon.

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