MacMost Now 486: Keynote Transitions and Builds

Learn how to use transitions between slides and items in iWork Keynote 09. You can add a variety of transitions between slides with many customizable options. You can also add transitions when building individual items on a slide. You can set the build order of items, and even add additional animation for items on a slide.
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Hi this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. On today's episode lets learn how to set up transitions in Keynote. One of the trickiest parts to learning key note is learning how to set up transitions into slides and per items on slides, now lets look at both. Here I got a sample of premi-document with four slides. Now I want to put a transition between slides one and slide two. So the first thing you want to do is bring up inspector by pressing the inspector button in the top tool bar. This brings up the inspector here with several different modes. I wanna choose the second one which is the slide mode, and this is what allows me to add a transition here. So I select the first slide (I want the transition to go between slide one and two so im going to select slide one)and then I want to select the affect. So I'm going to scroll through the different option here and select cube effect and it demonstrates the transition right here so I can preview it. I can select a duration, I can set various different durations about the transition like I want this to be right to left and I can select I want it to start on click or automatically after certain delay. So If I set it four or five second delay it will play the first slide for four of five seconds and than automatically transition to the second one. I'm going to do the standard on click. Now I can see in the left side bar that I have a little thing in the corner here that a transitions been set. I can preview this by playing the presentation and theirs the first slide. When I click on it to go to the second slide I can see the transition play out. Now you want to pay attention to the different properties each transition has. So for instance cube has just has direction, but If I change to mosaic not only do I have direction, but I have the type of mosaic so I can do flip, scale, spin, and I can choose the size of the blocks as well. So you get more than just the dozen or so different transitions, you have hundreds of different ones If you include all the different variations you can add. So, suppose I have a slide like this where I have a bullet list of different items and in addition to a transition perhaps coming into or out of the slide, I also want to determine how these different bullet items appear. You can do that by going to the next part of the inspector which is the build inspector. With the build inspector selected you can pick a specific item and determine how it builds in or builds out. So for instance for these bullet items I can have it build in by using the blast effect and you can see it previewed here. If you run this I can see that the slide appears without the list and I click and it blasts those items in. But better than that I can also select the delivery all at once by bullet. I can slide from first to last the duration for each one and now I can preview it and see what happens with each click one item appears. I can also use build transitions on various items on a slide. So for instance, I've got a slide here with four different items, three pieces of text, and a picture here. I can select a build in animation for each one of these. So say I had each one come in with a comet transition and I can select it here and perhaps this one comes in with a blast and this one comes in with a flip. I can change the order in which these appear you can see the order number appears in the inspector as well. So I have one, two, three, and four, I can change this to have the picture appear third. This puts the picture that was previously third in fourth. So now I have order of one, two, three, and four. When I play this I'll get exactly that. First transition for the first item, second item, now a flip there, and the last one. Now another thing you can do is add an additional action to a build. So you can add the build in and build out, but you can also select action. So I've selected this text here and select action and one of the affects I can add is to scale it so it will scale up slightly and It will happen when it click. So If I play this slide right now and I click it will scale this text up. So take a look at how I used that here, I have these four items here and in addition to removing the build ins to them from before, I've added these scale effects. So the first thing that's going to happen to this one is its going to scale up and I'm going to have it scale down again. I've done that by clicking the add action button. In matter of fact I can click on more options here and it will show me the build order of everything I've added. I have a scale for title one and a scale again. I can select any one of these and see what it is. The first one is a scale of two hundred and down to one hundred and this one to two hundred and back to a hundred. So If I run this I've built it so It will highlight this item, shrink it back, highlight this item, shrink it back, etc. So you can combine build ins, build outs, and actions to do different things with different items. Basically you can continue to add different things and build complex animations that happen on a single slide either automatically or with clicks. You can even add move actions to the individual objects to have them move around on the screen. So you can kinda use key note as an animation tool to animate objects around on a slide. Hope this gives you some really good ideas for your next presentation. Until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig at MacMost Now.

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