Mac Keyboard Commands For Writers

When you are writing on your Mac, you don't want to have to take your fingers off the keyboard to move the cursor or select text. There are a variety of keyboard commands you can learn to make it easy to move the cursor by letter, word, line or paragraph, delete characters or words, and make selections.

Download the PDF to print out here: MacMostKeyboardShortcutsText.pdf

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    5 years ago

    Sadly, these shortcuts do not work in InDesign (not even in its Story Editor). InDesign doesn't even have replacement shortcuts for them. They only place where I can get some of these to work is in the dialogs. As a cautionary note, most of these keypresses do "other things" that could cause some trouble for you if you try them on a serious project.

    Jim Cantrell
    5 years ago

    Gary, you continue to amaze and educate me. Love how you start at the beginning and move way past what I already know. Great job!

    Ian Leckie
    5 years ago

    Thank you Gary for that to me unknown way to swap adjacent letters! Excellent! I'm a terrible typer, and often get letters mixed up (ae instead of ea etc.). And the cheat sheet will come in very handy! Again, thanks!

    5 years ago

    Thanks for that. I do a lot of typing and waste too much time with the mouse. I knew about several of these, but the hardest thing is getting into the habit of using them.

    4 years ago

    Thanks for making the shortcuts list!

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