Ejecting a Stuck CD

In this tutorial Gary shows us how to eject a stuck CD using a terminal command.
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    16 years ago

    VERY helpful! thanks! i've always had to use Disk Utility. nice to know there's another way...

    14 years ago

    Another way, restart your computer while holding down the mouse.

    13 years ago

    That only happened to me once. It was a CD that claimed you could use it in both Mac and PC.
    My friend, Alex, removed it for me. I didn't know how he did it at first. I know he used Terminal, b/c that's what the screen he used to eject it looked like.
    Then, I never asked how he did things. I'm not computer savvy, and I still think it's easier to understand how to intubate a patient than to grasp computer programming basics.

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