MacMost Now 383: Mail on the iPad

Take a look at the Mail app on the iPad. It has a beautiful design and is very easy to use. But it lacks powerful features.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMostNow. On today's episode, let's look at Mail for the iPad. Let's take a look at Mail. Now Mail's really meant to be looked at in horizontal mode. It looks much better here. You can see your messages here on the left from the mailbox you're looking at. So, we're looking at the inbox now. You can see them pretty clearly here. You can see your message on the right. So, we can select a message here. We can see it and look at some more details. We can do various things with it like put it into another mailbox here. And if I had different ones I'd saved or archived, I could just tap on it and it would jump into it. I can, of course, trash it. I could reply or forward.
So, if I reply to this, it'll bring up a message here and the horizontal keyboard, another reason to have Mail in horizontal mode. And you could type your message here and click "send." Now, you can also compose a new message, same thing except that you enter in your 2 here and you could hit a
plus," and pick from the names in your contacts, and also just start typing the email address. You can search your inbox, and you can also tap "edit" here and and then say pick out several, and you can see it's stacking them over here. And I can hit "delete" or I can group move them, which is very nice.
You can see I can go back to the folder level but also then go back to the accounts level. So, I've got multiple accounts, lots of of them here. So, I can have my Gmail, Yahoo email, several different regular pop or iMap accounts there as well. And any time I want, I can tap here to update all the accounts. I can see when it's last been updated as well. I assume that's specific out of this account right here.
Now, of course, settings is where you set up an email account. So, to do that I'll go to "mail contacts and calendars" and I can see my existing accounts here. I can tap "add account" and I have all these choices. So, if I choose anything but "other," it's going to give me a very specific dialog here. Like, for instance, if I choose Gmail, it'll ask me for my Gmail information and it can figure it all out from there -- MobileMe, same kind of thing. So, if you have one of these accounts, it's pretty easy, but if you have a traditional email account, then you would simply tap that and you can add an account. Notice, you can also add a Contacts LDAP account, and two different types of calendar accounts as well.
But to add a Mail account, you would do this and then you would enter the name of the account. After you do this, you'll be asked to enter in your server information including whether or not it's pop or iMap as the iPad supports both. So, you can see I can edit an account by tapping here and it'll bring up information about it. You can see all the information there including advanced settings and advanced settings about mailbox behaviors, what to do with deleted messages, security settings, things like that.
So, definitely Mail is an easy program to use. It's very quick to be able to read and enter emails. But, it's not very powerful. For instance, there is no unified inbox, if you have multiple email addresses. Now, it looks like that's going to be taken care of in the fall for the iPad with the iPhone OS4.0. So, we have that to look forward to.
Hope you found this look at Mail for the iPad useful. Til next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMostNow.

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    Kathy Scott
    8 years ago

    Is there any way to delete a large group of e-mails from the iPad without clicking on each one?

      8 years ago

      Not really. You can enter “edit” mode and then tap each one and then “Delete.” That’s the best way. Good for deleting 10-200, I’d say. For more than that, you may want to log into the web interface for the email service you use, or use a desktop email client for that one-time-delete.

    8 years ago

    Why does the iPad do imap and not pop accounts?

    Murray A
    7 years ago

    I delete mail either by using the right swipe or the ‘edit’ group delta, but in a day or 2 it returns….and every time I go thru the chore of deleting old deleted mails, another batch will pop up.
    How can I delete them (so many are spam) so they stay deleted?

      7 years ago

      I’d guess the problem lies with your email server — some setting there — and not your iPhone.

    D. Chu
    7 years ago

    How do you delete an old email address from auto fill on iPad?

      7 years ago

      Unfortunately, you can’t. At least not yet. Apple hasn’t given us a function to do that.

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