MacMost Now 227: Mail Signature Tricks

Learn how to customize your email signature and easily switch between multiple signatures. You can also have Mail choose a random one each time you send a message.
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Hi! This is Gary with MacMost Now, brought to you by Square Space. For a great way to create your own website, visit On this episode let's go and take a look at Mail Signatures.
So, hopefully if you use Apple Mail, you know about Signatures. You can apply your own signature that's automatically put at the end of every email you can pose. But there are a lot of different things you can do with Signatures, like, for instance, create a group of signatures and switch between them or even have it chose a random one.
So, here we are inside of mail. To get to your signatures, go to "Preferences" and inside "Preferences" select "Signatures," which is over to the right. In there you've got a list of all the different signatures. Now, the signatures can fall into two or more categories here. They can fall into "All" signatures or in signatures for your specific account. If you have more than one account, of course, it would be multiple different accounts here listed.
So, inside of All signatures or the individual account, you've got the names of the signatures here in the second column. And then, over to the right, you've got a feel where you can actually type whatever you want for the signature. So to create some new signatures, choose the account over to the left, hit the "plus" button here, and it will create a new signature. It'll immediately insert something it thinks is appropriate. You can do another and you can alter that one. Another one there. And you can create a third.
So you can create for all sorts of business needs like ones that use your name, one that uses your company name, ones that promote different things like say your Twitter address or use a different email address for someone to reply to or perhaps even have a funny quote at the bottom. So, once you have several different signatures, you can chose which signature is the default by using this pop-up menu here at the bottom. Another thing that you can chose, is you can chose for it to pick at random from your signatures or go in sequential order. In other words, it will choose one and then to the the next one for your next email and then continue through.
Now when composing a message like this, you actually have a little pop-up menu where you can choose the signature over to the right. It will show your default signature, but you can choose any one that you want there. So it's very easy to switch between them.
So say you have a very corporate signature for official email, you've got your personal signature for emailing your friends, and then, perhaps, when somebody contacts you and you want to promote something you can have a signature that lists a URL at the bottom of it. You can easily switch between them using that pop-up menu.
You can also choose whether or not you want the font to match from the signature to the body of the message, which can be useful. And you can also choose where the signature appears. When you reply to an email, does it appear at the bottom of everything or does it appear just above the quoted text from the previous email and below the new text that you're about to type?
One of the most common problems that people have with signatures is they've created a bunch that are listed in "All" signatures but not listed in that normal account. And then they can't use the choose signature, the signature won't appear in their emails, that type of thing. If you've got signatures that are in "All" signatures but not for your particular account, you can select and drag them into the account to get them in there.
Now, if you want to choose some funny quotes to put in your email, all you've got to do is search the internet, find some quotes you like, create a whole bunch of different signatures, things that reflect your personality. And then go ahead and select to have a random signature chosen every time you send an email.
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