Most Critical Mac Software

My friend Dave Taylor posted his list of critical Mac software at his blog today. While I like his choices of Firefox and SnapzPro, and agree that the rest are all useful, my list would be quite different.
First, I wouldn’t recommend Microsoft Office to anyone, unless they had a critical need for something that was 100% compatible with other Office users. Otherwise, iWork is far cheaper and will get you where you need to go. Office is $400, which is a lot to spend for the casual Mac user.
Dave recommeds 1Password, and I hear good things about it, but I have been using Password Retriever for years and love it.
GraphicConverter makes a lot of people’s lists, but it always seemed a little buggy to me. For a little more money, I’d get PhotoShop Elements.
My favorite FTP program is Transmit. It works well with another critical piece of software for me: BBEdit. But more casual users may want to get TextWrangler instead.
I still use StuffIt as my main compression tool.
Dave seems to be much more into IM and Twitter than I am, so iChat and Twitter’s Web interface are fine for me.
But I’ll have to add Audacity to my list as an audio editor, and a free one at that. Also, I love VoodooPad, a small but powerful Wiki application that allows me to take notes and keep track of things in ways that calendars and to-do lists can’t.

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    2/22/08 @ 10:08 pm

    Audacity. A great addition. Not sure about your other choices, though, Gary. :-)

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