New Features Added to Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Apple updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote to dot-one versions with new features for macOS and iOS. The updates are available for free in the app stores.

New across all apps is the ability to color text with gradients and image fills. You can also add images and shapes as inline elements inside text boxes and shapes. In Pages you can link inside a document to a bookmark and in Numbers you can link some text to another sheet. Pages also lets you copy and paste sections or pages between documents.

You can read about all of the new features here: Pages, Numbers, Keynote.

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    John D Schatvet
    11 months ago

    I have Pages and Numbers documents that are over 12 years old. Can new versions open these old documents from versions 3 or 4 generations back?

    11 months ago

    John: Easy to find out. Try it.

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