MacMost Now 766: New Siri Commands In iOS 6

Siri gains new functionality in iOS 6, including lots of ways to ask for sports information. You also can make reservations at restaurants, get movie times and reviews, and launch apps. Siri now works in the new iPad and will work on the new iPod touch.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's take a look at some of Siri's new capabilities in IOS 6.

So one of the most talked about additions to Siri in IOS 6 is its ability to give you sports scores. So you can ask it something like "What was the score of the Rockies game yesterday?" Siri-the Rockies defeated the Diamondbacks by the score of 4-2 yesterday. You can also ask for standings. "Who leads the National League West?" Siri- The Giants are in first place in the NL West; they must be pretty good. You can also ask stats related questions. "Which team leads the National League in batting average?" Siri-The Rockies and Cardinals both have a batting average of .272 this season. "Which team has the worst team ERA this year?" Siri-The Rockies led the league with an earned run average of 5.28 this season. "Ouch - who leads the majors in homeruns?" Siri-Josh Hamilton leads the league with 43 homeruns this season.

You can also get schedules. "When do the Rockies play next?" Siri-The Rockies Cubs game starts at 6:40 p.m. You can see it gets the information right even if it doesn't get all your words right.

Now Siri can also tell you about movies and movie schedules. So you can ask things like "Where is the Resident Evil movie playing?" Siri-Here's Resident Evil: Retribution playing nearby today. I can tap here to get more information for the full schedule. And tap again to go to Maps. "Is Resident Evil Retribution a good movie?" Siri - OK, here's Resident Evil Retribution. So I get some information there including the Rotten Tomato percentage there and I can tap on that to get some reviews.

You can also ask Siri some historical information like for instance, "Which movie won best picture in 1947?" Siri - OK, here's The Best Years of Our Lives which won the best picture in 1947.

Now Siri could already tell you a lot about restaurants but now you can make reservations using Open Table. "Get me a table for three tonight at Tavern Lowry." Siri - OK, the Tavern Lowry has some tables for three around 7 p.m.

So big new improvements for Siri is in addition to sending messages you can actually now both Tweet and post to Facebook using Siri. So you would just say something like this, "Tweet later today I am going to have lunch downtown." Siri -Here's your Tweet, ready to send it? Post to Facebook, "Looking forward to seeing some of my friends today." Siri - Here's your new Facebook status. Ready to post it.

Now the trick is to go into Settings first. There are new categories for Facebook and Twitter which was also there in IOS 5. Make sure you set up your accounts for those so that Siri knows about your account and knows where to post it.

So it is really cool that now Siri can launch Apps for you. You can say things like launch, play, or open. For instance, "Launch Word Spell."

Siri is also very useful in doing turn by turn directions without ever having to look at your screen. You can ask Siri things like take me to and name a business or take me home or take me to work and it will instantly launch into the whole directions thing without you having to do anything on the screen.

I found that previously a lot of third party apps that did turn by turn directions were frustrating and that you couldn't just ask for the name of the business. You had to give a specific address. Or even if you could do a search you had to pull over and type in the name of the place, search it out to make sure you had the right place, before you could initiate the driving directions. But now with Siri it seems like you can just do it very easily even while driving.

Perhaps the biggest feature of Siri IOS 6 is the fact that it is no longer just restricted to the iPhone. It works on the iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5 of course but it also works in IOS 6 if you have the new iPad, the third generation iPad, and if you also get the latest iPod Touch. That will also have Siri on it as well.

So I hope you found this look at at the new features of Siri useful. Until next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    7 years ago

    These are all great, if your in the USA, some of those features dont work in the UK :(, but the additionally, the sport result does work :) I like the open the app option. I also do like the fact Bluetooth has moved to the settings page to sit with wifi. But i wish Siri could turn it on and off. This would useful in my car has i have it in there on the steering wheel.

    bill holz
    7 years ago

    One of the Best showings of Siri i have seen Thanks!

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7 years ago

    I cannot believe what i just saw amazing!

    7 years ago

    Siri is nice, but it doesn’t understand my “slurred accent” due to my cerebral palsy. :-) Will Siri learn my accent?

      7 years ago

      No, Siri doesn’t “learn” unfortunately.

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