OS Updates Bring Back Features, Fix Bugs

Apple released macOS 10.15.2 and iOS 13.3 with a large list of bug fixes. Included in this macOS release is the return of the Column Browser in the Music app, plus the ability to use iTunes Remote to control your Mac’s Music app from your iPhone.

iOS 13.3 adds Communication Limits to Screen Time, so parents can now set who their kids can contact. It also adds support for some USB and NFC security keys with Safari.

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    Floyd Wige
    4 years ago

    How does one use the ability use iTunes Remote to control Macā€™s Music app from your iPhone?

    4 years ago

    Floyd: Apple's page still refers to iTunes and Mojave. But try it with the Music app in Catalina to see if it works: https://support.apple.com/guide/itunes/set-up-the-itunes-remote-app-itnsa1c27e74/mac

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