Pages and Keynote Image Galleries

A new feature in Pages, Keynote and also Numbers is the ability to add on-page slideshows called Image Galleries. You an place many images in the same location and have a caption for each. Readers can flip through them using Pages or in iBooks using the ePub format. You can also use them in Keynote to embed image slideshows on a single slide.
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So an interesting new features of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote that was just added is the ability to have Image Galleries. This is where you can put more than one image in a space and kind of flip through them like a little slideshow.

So here I am in Pages version 7.0 and the way to get Image Galleries is to go to the Media button here and you can see Image Gallery has been added to the list. You can also find it under Insert and there's Image Gallery. So either way you bring it in and it creates this little element here. You can arrange the element just like anything else. So Stay With Page, Move With Text, how the text wraps and all that happens. In order to get images in there either you can drag and drop files or you can click on this little button here and then select files. I'm going to drag and drop three images in here and it's going to add them. Now I can see I've got three dots here below it. I can click on the dots to see the three images.

I've got some options here on the right. I've got Format selected and then Gallery I can under Appearance whether or not there's a caption. I can get rid of it and whether or not it's the same caption for all images or individual captions. So like individual captions I'll just do this as A, I'll click on the second dot this is B, and the third dot is C. Then I can make adjustments. If I double click on an image I get the same image editing tools I get for a normal image. I can zoom in, I can pan around in the zoomed in area. I can crop as well. So I can adjust each image as I want. I've got buttons here on the left and right and this is when I view it in Pages I can use these buttons to go between them. Also notice here on the right I've got a list of these images and I can see them here. I can easily drag and drop them to reorder them. Hit the plus button to add a new one. I can select and hit the minus button or the delete key on the keyboard to get rid of one.

Also, for any image I've got selected I can type a description. You can use this just for notes but what it's meant for is for voiceover. If somebody is using voiceover and they go to select this image this is what will be read out loud to them. So an accessibility feature there. There doesn't seem to be anyway to do a border so you probably have to put a shape underneath it and put a border. Then you've got your little image gallery on the page. So I imagine this could be used in a variety of different ways. Of course if you distribute the Pages file somebody can actually flip through it.

Exporting, of course, it's not going to appear if you export as a PDF, at least not in Preview. It doesn't seem to appear anywhere except in EPUB. If I export as EPUB and then I take that either a reflowable or fixed layout EPUB, it doesn't seem to matter. I'll export it here to the desktop and then I bring that file into iBooks. I'll just double click on it to do that. That will launch iBooks and it will import that document in there. Open it up and you can see here I'm viewing it in iBooks and I have the controls at the bottom. So I even get the buttons here and I move my cursor over them and the captions appear. So it does seem to work in EPUB format and that's probably what it really was built for if you want to distribute your documents that way.

You also can use Image Galleries in Numbers and in Keynote as well. It makes a lot of sense to use it in Keynote. If you insert one into a slide and then drag some images to it you've got the same exact controls as before but now you can actually flip through the slides when you play the presentation. So I'm on this slide now and if I tap the right arrow you see it actually goes through each of those images before advancing to the next slide. So a really handy way to throw a bunch of images in. You can then put other things around it.

We had some functionality like this in an older version of Keynote. This kind of brings that back which is nice. If you, in the middle of your presentation suddenly want to show thirty different images of slides for photos or something, then you can do it on just one slide. You don't have to create a whole set of them just to hold that slideshow.

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    Terry Haddow
    1 year ago

    Thanks – it is a very handy addition. Will the ePub form play the slides in other book apps ( amazon etc ) ?

    1 year ago

    Terry: It should, since it is part of ePub format, right? But I’d imagine different players have different abilities. Consider that maybe older readers have less than newer ones too.

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