MacMost Now 435: Printing From Address Book

You can print envelopes, mailing labels and two kinds of lists from Address Book. You can also print to a PDF file to put a list on another device or send in an email.
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Hi.This is Gary with MacMost Now.
In this episode let us look ai the different printing options in address book.
So while address book lacks great export options,it has some fantastic ways to print.
Thats why we got all the different ones.So here we are in address book.
So if you go to print,you have a fairly standard printer log,but if you expand it you can see there are tons of different options.
So for instance we can select from different styles and see there are four of them.
Now mailing labels and envelopes,the first twoa re pretty much what you expect you can slect the addresses some different options about them.
You can choose in the layout different types of mailing labels and envelopes to print to and the orientation of the envelope.
so its basically what you would expect.
The real interesting stuff starts when you look at lists.
SO you can do a list here and choose exactly which attributes of the contacts to print out.
You can choose the orientation of it and some basic stuff like that.
you can choose to do a larger font size as well.Now for instance you can see here on the left the preview and photos of two of the items are there.
You can turn that off by simply selecting and we get a needed list.
and we can include things like email address just basically change exactly how it looks and print them.
So these are pretty much what you expect in substitute to the customized agreed deal.
In addition go to pocket address book,you can get a different type of list and I show you the preview here and you can select the different things that you want included as before and you create a style indexed or compact.
You can also set the font for it.and also remember that you don't just have to print paper you can use the PDF option down here and print out as PDF or just save it.
So for instance I have just created a PDF of my addresses in the index view and I can save it out.
Now this could come in very handy if say you have a got a ebook reader like kindle.
You want to have a copy of all you r addresses with you for a trip.
You can save this as a PDF Load that PDF into your kindle and take that address book with you.
A PDF is also a great way to give a selective list of names,email addresses,addresses or phone numbersto somebody.
You can just select the contacts you want,print them as list,select just the items that you want to appear,save it as a PDF and then email that to somebody or open that PDF preview and copy and paste into a regular email.
So we find this useful this is Gary Rosenzweig until next time with MacMost Now.

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    9 years ago

    Boy do I feel like an idiot. I wanted to use Address Book to print labels for Christmas card labels last year and didn’t see the option for labels.

    But a question: Because of the way address book works, I often have two different cards for a married couple so that I can track both birthdays and their separate cell phone/work phone numbers. But this presents a problem when creating labels because it means I generate two labels, which is not needed. I instead want one label for the couple.

    I have created separate cards for couples and in the Notes section add the word “xmas” which I then use to filter for addresses for printing. This method works well enough, but I dislike having an additional entry (as a couple) for the individuals.

    Do you know of another way around this issue?

      9 years ago

      It sounds like your workaround is a good one. That’s like something I would do.

    9 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I was hoping there was a simpler solution, but if it works for you then it should be fine for me.

    If only those who wrote software for apps like Address book considered this issue…

    9 years ago

    I learned something new today. Thanks for posting. This will be a great help for x-mas cards in the future.

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