MacMost Now 443: Printing Options

When you print a document you are faced with many options. You might not realize, however, that these options vary depending on which printer you use and which application you are printing from.
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Hi this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. Today`s episode lets take a closer look on printing options. Now there really only one thing I want to get across in this video. It's that that printing options change depending upon the printer I have selected. Let me demonstrate .Now here I am in TextEdit. I am going to hit command p to bring up the print dialogue.Now I have got two printers here.So the first option I have got is slight between these two printers. I have got one here that look like theater since actually a HP Laser Jet Black and White Printer. I also have a Canon multifunction printer that`s a color printer coming photos. so I can switch between two of these .Because I switch between these , it will change the options that I have . For instance, here I have the laser printer selected and if I look the paper size I could see a whole set of different sizes that the printer supports.The printer tells you which types of pages it can support . If I switch to the cannon color printer I can see whole different sets of page types it can support. Now once again looking at the laser printer, if I go to the whole options that are color calling options ,here you can see the options for the color laser printer. I can select dots per inch , some enhancements,levels of gray, economy mode, if I switch to the color printer,and look under quality media,this completely different set of options, I could select the media type ,choose things like quality paper,i can also choose paper source,because that printer has different places where the paper can come from and print quality and again switch to grey scale printing.Important thing to remember is the options change depending upon the printer,so,if you get a new printer, you have a new options depending on the capabilities of that printer.if you go over a friend's house or a cubicle that have a different printer,then they have a different set of options , so when relaying to somebody, how to print a document, you have to take this under consideration. there even whole sets of options ,that are only available to some printers.For instance, the canon color printer here,has a bold less printing option and I can set the amount of extensions over the edges to get the bold less print.if I switch to older laser jet printer,i don`t have the options of bold less printing.Likewise, for a new color printer ,you may find supply levels and get a list of the amount of ink available in each cartridge.but , in the laser printer you will expect to find perhaps the amount of toner available and you would for a while but this is such an older printer that you don`t actually get that information. You will also get different things if you look in to say some print and fax and you can see two printers here,now the color printers here if I click on the options on supply`s ,you can see that I get the supply levels again. In this tab ,here I can print a text page or go to the print application. but,if I switch to the older laser printer,i can see I don`t have the utilities there.also, notice that the options there are depending upon the application using this well.for instance, in text tab, the first set of options is for text further,but if you switch on the back application,you may don`t even have the options both layout. Or say, here BBEdit ,and here if I look the print option,i can see that I have got text printing ,whole bunch of different things that I can choose from will find more options if you use graphic programs or something even more complex.keep in mind,that all the different options that I have shown you are specific to the two printers I normally have a different printer,old printers,and you don`t have whole different set of options, and next you a new printer that have the options that haven`t seen next time if you have to print something, don`t ever skip with the print dialogue, take a look of different options you have with your printer and with the application you are using.Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    Gary Stone
    9 years ago

    Dear Gary,
    Very informative video on printing. I learned to read through the options more closely when I decide to print.

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