MacMost Now 149: Printing Photo Books With iPhoto

Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to create an print books of your photos using iPhoto. You can order them from Apple, or print them yourself, or save them as PDF files.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. Today I want to show you how to Print Photo Books using iPhoto at
So I'm going to risk sounding like an infomercial here 'cause I really love this. Using iPhoto you can go ahead and order through books that have your photos in them. You get wire-bound, soft-cover, or hard-cover books. All different sizes. They range in prices from $10.00 for a small soft-cover book to $30.00 and more for a large hard-cover book. You basically go into iPhoto, choose the photos you want, and then you can lay them out, and you can add additional pages as well so you can make these things pretty much as big as you want. You can fit multiple photos on a single page, and do all sorts of creative things with them. Let's go and take a closer look.
Alright, so here we are in iPhoto. Now, you can choose the photos that you want to make into a book, and you can go ahead and click the book icon at the bottom and then get to choose the type of book. You can choose hard-cover, soft-cover, or wire-bound at different sizes. So we can choose a medium soft-cover, for instance. We can pick from one of many different themes to start with, and get started. Then you get your photos at the top and view your book at the bottom. You can flip through the pages, back and forth, and then go ahead and drag and drop photos into areas and also enter text. You can go ahead and enter large blocks of texts on some pages, and other pages you can go ahead and just have photos, if you like. Um, you can go ahead and adjust the themes, and you can adjust the layouts of single pages, for instance, to change it. You can add additional pages if you don't want to go with the standard number of pages in a book. And you can even use autoflow, which will just flow in all your photos into a book to be really quick about it. And go through, and play with your book and adjust it as much as you want. You can also, of course, even adjust individual pictures, changing the scale and the contrast of the photo here, even applying special effects to it. So there's tons of stuff that you can do, with the photos. It makes you go wow with your design. You can change the settings of the book, for instance, change the fonts, sizes, that type of thing. In addition to pressing the buy book button, for ordering information, you can also go ahead and print out your book. Now, this is one of the coolest features. If you have a great printer, for instance, you could, of course, go ahead and print your book at use "your own printer." A few of us have a printer with this kind of quality, but you can also save it to PDF, which means you can create a digital copy of your book for archiving purposes so now you can get one or more copies printed out, and of course, save it in iPhoto, but you can also have this online version. You could even upload it or email it to friends.
Now, I've come full circle on how much I like this product. At first, I didn't think it was a good deal. It seemed to be a little bit expensive, might as well keep the photos as digital copies, or go to a cheaper service and get them printed out as regular photos. Well, when I saw how many photos you can fit on a page, particularly when the photos should be grouped together and also how many different options there were and how nice these books were, and how much nicer they were than actually printing individual photos out and making your own photo albums, well, I came around. Now I love them and I like to print them up as presents for people, from special events, I also like to make them for my own library for special events that I've taken photos from. It really adds a lot more value to my digital photo taking.
I know this sounds like an infomercial, but I really do like it.
Now, you can go to apple website, and take a look at all the different options and prices for these iPhoto printing books. There's a lot of different information here and a lot of really good examples of what you can do. It even has examples of all the different themes.
So if you like taking digital photos, and you like photo albums, then you may like this. So check it out. Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    10 years ago

    This video was great! I needed to make a portfolio, and I couldn’t figure out how to save it as a .pdf until I watched your video. Thanks!

    10 years ago

    I thought you can only buy the book from them, so thanks for showing me two more options!

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