MacMost Now 48: Protecting Your MacBook While Traveling

Gary Rosenzweig looks at ways to protect your MacBook from being stolen, and how to prepare for the worst. Methods include: cable locks, security software, backing up and insurance.

Note that you can go to for more information on the Verery security software.

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    John Santini
    13 years ago

    My daughter is leaving for college soon. Can you recommend a lock for her Apple laptop?

    Thank you,

      13 years ago

      I don't have any recommendation. They are all probably pretty much the same.
      What is much more important is a backup drive. Make sure she backs up using Time Machine to an external drive. And make sure she does it daily, if not several times per day. What is worse than having a laptop stolen is having it stolen along with that important term paper on it.
      Actually, what I would do is to have her use a DropBox account to store her school documents. Then it acts like a backup as the files will still be there "in the cloud" if her laptop is stolen or breaks.

    12 years ago

    Just take it with you. I put mine in the trunk of car with storages case.

    12 years ago

    Any recommendations for locking the new Macbook Pros ? It seems they dont have standard locking points any more

      12 years ago

      I haven't seen anything. I always considered those laptop physical locks to be a bit ridiculous as a good pair of cable cutters could usually snap the cables so easily.

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