Public Betas of macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 Now Available

Apple released the first public beta test versions of the new macOS Big Sur, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 operating systems for anyone to install. To get these early releases of the new operating systems, start by going to to sign up.

It is still early going for these operating systems, which will probably not be complete until September or October. So users who need reliability and use their devices for important tasks should avoid using the beta versions. But if you have a spare Mac or iOS device, it is a good way to preview these operating systems, try out new features, and test out your workflow .

Comments: 4 Responses to “Public Betas of macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 Now Available”

    4 years ago

    Is there any way to send Apple comments regarding "Big Sur?"

    4 years ago

    Greg: If you are part of the beta program than you can send them reports and feedback, yes.

    Lencho Cazador
    3 years ago

    Have you been using Big Sur? Are you allowed to comment on it? If yes, what do you think?

    3 years ago

    Lencho: It is a public beta so anyone can try it, so anyone can talk about it. I've been showing it in lots of videos. The new design is growing on me and I'm starting to see Catalina as "old" and looking forward to Big Sur coming out and using it full time. See videos like this one:

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