Quick Access To Notifications Settings In iOS 12

A new feature in iOS 12 is the ability to quiet or turn off notifications for apps right on the lock screen or notifications screen. With a swipe and a tap, you can tell an app to stop showing notifications if you don't want them. You can also view notifications grouped by app or source, so that a single app doesn't monopolize your lock screen or notifications screen.
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One of the most annoying things about using iOS can be the Notifications. You get notifications all the time from different apps. You can control them but you rarely have the time to actually go and manage the notifications when you get one. So iOS 12 has introduced some things to make it a lot easier to deal with lots of notifications.

Now you can get Notifications on your lock screen which is where they are the most annoying sometimes. You can also bring them up once you're in your iPad or iPhone by swiping down from the top and it goes to the Notification Center. So you can see I've got a bunch of notifications. This is very similar to how my lock screen may look say when I wake up in the morning and I've got all these things coming in.

Now you can tap on anyone of these to jump right to the app. Right to the source. But sometimes you don't want to do that. Sometimes you kind of want to manage what's going on here. Notice one difference in iOS 12 is that these are stacked. Look at the top there and you can see from the Apple News app there's USA Today notifications and you can see that there are several windows underneath that window. I can tap and hold and it will reveal the top one. I can also just tap once and it reveals all of them that are in this stack. This is nice because you can kind of group them together. If you get a whole bunch of notifications from one app and one really important one that was hidden because it was like three hours ago from another app it won't get hidden anymore because now you've got all these grouped together. So the stacking thing is a really nice feature of iOS 12.

What's also really nice is the ability to deal with these right from this screen or anywhere a notification shows up. If I swipe from left to right I get an Open. Okay. I can tap that or just keep swiping and it will open that app. If I swipe from right to left it reveals three things. I can Clear All. I can clear all of these out for this one app here. I can View, the normal thing. Or I can go right to Manage.

So if I tap Manage then you can see it doesn't take me into Settings. Right. It allows me to manage it right here. So I can turn Off right there. There's a button for turning off and I can turn off notifications for this app. So you install a new app and now you're getting a bunch of notifications from it and you don't really want notifications from this app. All you need to do is swipe right to left. Manage. Then turn off right there. You didn't have to leave the screen, the lock screen. You didn't have to leave the Notification screen or wherever it is you got this notification.

You could also turn on Deliver Quietly so it quiets down this one. So if you're getting, you know, a phone vibration or an audible sound you can turn that off here so still get the notification. You have the Settings button at the bottom which will jump right to the Settings app so you can manage the settings for this individual app here. You can also, of course, hit the little x button at the top right and I can clear all the notifications all the way down.

You can do this for everything here. Here's the NY Times notifications. I can swipe right to left and then I can tap Manage and you can see those same things there. Of course going into Settings you still have all these controls. I go into Settings and then Notifications and you can see all the apps here. So I can go down into, say, the News app here and I can determine how I want these settings to appear. Notice I can also change Grouping. So here it says Notifications Grouping. Tap that and I can say Automatic or by App or Off. So if you don't like the grouping feature you have the ability to change that.

This also, of course, if the way to turn Notifications back On. Say if you disabled Notifications for an app because there's just too many of them or whatever. Maybe do it by accident. Then later on you decide you want to turn it back on. You can always go into Settings, Notifications, find the app in the list and then turn it on there.

So you have all those controls. It's just a lot easier. I've already been using this a lot just to cut down on the number of notifications. I was getting so many that I was kind of ignoring all of my notifications. But to be able to tap Manage and then turn it off for the apps I really didn't need notifications for really made my Notifications screen and my lock screen very useful very quickly.

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