Resuming and Viewing Print Jobs

When you print you actually launch a print manager app. This app allows you to see which print jobs are waiting, pause them, and even result them if they have failed while in the middle of printing. You can also use a viewer to see what is being printed.
Video Transcript / Captions
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So I'm not a big fan of printing things. I try to keep a paperless office. But sometimes we still have to print documents. Sometimes they're long documents and it doesn't always work very well. For instance, say you're in the middle of printing a really large document and something goes wrong in the middle. Now you want to resume. You don't want to start at page one. You want to resume where you left off. So there are a few ways to handle this.

One is, of course, you can just print the document and set the pages to start at say page nine instead of page one. But you can also use a resume function. So, for instance, here I am with this long pages document and I'll choose File, Print. I'll go to print it and my default printer here which is turned off so it's not actually going to start spitting out pages. I can see it here in the Dock and if I click on it it actually shows me this window with what's going on. There's some print jobs listed here and I have a full menu bar here. So this is actually an app. A Print Manager that I could use to control things.

So the first thing I want to do, in this case, is I'm going to Pause this print job. This is the Pause button or Hold button. I'll click it there and everything is on hold. You can see it says Paused. I can select a print job and now I can actually use menu commands here.

Under Jobs there's a bunch of things you may not have seen before. Delete job makes sense. Just get rid of it. I don't want to print it anymore. There's Resume job. So Resume job will try to continue having it go. So this maybe if a printer has stopped because it's out of paper and now you've refilled the paper and the print job is paused so you can continue it. You can also hit that little button there. That's the Resume button.

But you can also say Resume Job on Page which gives you full control. So you can say I want to it to start on a certain page. For instance, maybe the last page got mangled but it thinks it printed it. So you want to actually say I want to resume on page 9. So that's really handy.

You also have this really handy button here called Quick Look. So this will actually show you here what it's about to print. It's like a preview for what's going to be printed. So you could go to a specific page and you could see what's there. So this can help you in various different ways if you're curious about what's being sent to the printer. It's not that useful here since in this document basically every page looks the same. But a typical document you would be able to see some different things there.

So checkout the Jobs menu here when you have the Print Manager brought up. It could help you save paper or at least better manage your print jobs.