Set Up a Quick Screen Share With Another Mac

If you want to help someone with a Mac issue, you can easily take over their screen from afar. They must have Screen Sharing enabled in System Preferences, Sharing. They must also be signed into iCloud with their Apple ID. You can then use Spotlight to launch the Screen Sharing app on your Mac, and enter their Apple ID. If all goes well, they will get a prompt to allow their screen to be seen and controlled by you. You can even talk to each other over audio.

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    Matthew Reida
    2 years ago

    Do you know which versions of macOS both parties would need to be running? For example, if someone were to have an older Mac but needs to screen share with someone running a later OS?

    2 years ago

    Matthew: For this particular feature, I'm not sure. I assume something recent. The screen sharing itself is pretty standard and you can even use "VNC" clients on devices, Windows, Linux, etc, to connect to Macs. But as to how to find the other Mac, I would assume the last few versions at least. Try it with your combo and see. You can always also do an iMessage chat and then request to start screen sharing from there.

    2 years ago

    Gary: will this work for iOS as well? For example; I want to help my my Mom with her iPad while I'm sitting at my iMac. I'm assuming she would need to allow screen sharing somewhere in the settings.

    2 years ago

    Darren: No. There is no screen sharing for iOS or iPadOS.

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