MacMost Now 550: Sharing Photos With Flickr

Flickr is another service that you can use to share photos with friends and family. It is a better option than email large files. You can share directly from iPhoto with Flickr, but have to pay a small fee for unlimited use.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode lets share photos using Flickr. So Flickr is Yahoo's photo sharing service, probably the most popular one on the Internet. And iPhoto has a built-in way for you to share your photos with your Flickr account. To get a Flickr account go to You can use your Yahoo ID if you have a Yahoo e-mail account, and get into it that way, and then you can just set a few things up inside of iPhoto. So here I am inside of iPhoto and if I want to share a few photos I can select them, hit share, and you can see in iPhoto 11 there's a Flickr option. I can set up a link to my Flickr account there. I can also go into iPhoto preferences and under that go to accounts and from there I can add Flickr accounts like that. So when you hit setup it will bring you to special page on Flickr that will allow you to link your Flickr account using your Yahoo ID with your iPhoto application. So once you complete that process back in iPhoto you'll see that the Flickr account is now enabled. You can now close that and on the left under web you'll see Flickr appear as a web service. You'll also see your MobileMe account or anything else under there. So now you can go into your events and select some photos. I'll just select some here at random, and then I can go to share Flickr, and I get to share a new set or add the photos I've selected to an existing set on Flickr. I'll do a new set here and I can set some things up. If you're not familiar with Flickr you know you can make a set available to you, friends, family, to find who those friends and family are or just anyone, can also uh, mess around with size. I need to have a pro account to go higher than this. I'll publich these photos here and you'll see the progress bar at the upper right. So once you're done you can click on the arrow here at the top and it will take you right to that sample set and you can use the URL at the top to send to friends. There are a lot of other options here as well. You can do a slide show; you can share in all sorts of different ways. Up here, you can also edit the options for that particular set here by changings titles, description tags. It will take stuff like this from your iPhoto collection when it sends it but this give you a chance to change it on the web when you uploaded it. Now one great thing about Flickr of course is that it's a huge community, probably the largest of photos online, so you can search other people's photos as well, and if you've tagged your photos uh, they will appear in searches and other people can enjoy them. Now the advantages of using Flickr over Piccosa are that Flickr is a larger community, and it also is built right into iPhotos so it's a little bit easier to do. One disadvantage is that the free version only goes so far. You can only upload pictures of certain quality, and only so many of them. Upgrade for 25 bucks a year to the pro accounts and you can upload as many as you want and use high quality. But Flickr, even the free one, can definately be a better way to share photos with friends and family than having to e-mail large files to multiple people. You can just upload them to Flickr uh, let people discover them or send them an e-mail letting them know that you've uploaded some new photos. So hope you've liked this look at Flickr, a great alternative to sharing photos with your friends and family. Until next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.