MacMost Now 286: Snow Leopard and 64-Bit Mode

Learn more about Snow Leopard running 64-bit applications and whether you need to worry about if your Mac boots using the 64-bit kernel.

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    15 years ago

    Thanks Gary!

    Done, no more need to think about this. :)

    Since I do Casting as well I appreciate the work that goes into your movies.

    15 years ago

    Yeah BUT about the FACT that a 64 bit kernel with 64-bit integer capability: All general-purpose registers (GPRs) are expanded from 32 bits to 64 bits, and all arithmetic and logical operations, memory-to-register and register-to-memory operations, etc. can now operate directly on 64-bit integers.

    A 64bit kernel is faster then a 32 bit kernel and even if you don't have the memory it will perform faster anywhere from roughly 5%-10%

      15 years ago

      Yes, but just the kernel. Just the kernel. The apps themselves that are 64-bit will use 64-bit operations regardless of the kernel. And the apps that are 32-bit will use 32-bit integer operations. Having a 64-bit kernel is NOT going to speed up your apps 5%-10%.

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