MacMost: ClipTools

ClipTools: Using the Clipboard Manager Functions
Learn how to use the clipboard manager features of ClipTools. You can access a history of text you have copied to your clipboard. Plus you can paste as plain text, group paste, assign keyboard shortcuts, and more.
ClipTools: Headline Case and Capitalization
If you need to capitalize words for titles or headlines, there is a special customizable feature in ClipTools that will let you capitalize words based on your own rules. You can also change the case, capitalize or even make text appear upside down.
ClipTools: Paste Date and Paste Time
Learn how to use the Paste Date and Paste Time functions in my free ClipTools app. You can paste the date or time anywhere you type text and choose your own custom formats for each. You can even add or subtract time to paste tomorrow, yesterday, and so on.
ClipTools: How To Use Smart Clips

Smart clips let you paste text with extra programmable elements. You can use previously copied clipboard items, ask for input, select from a list, a current or future date and more.

A New Free Mac Utility App: ClipTools
ClipTools is a free clipboard manager and text selection utility for Mac from MacMost. With it you can access your clipboard history, save clips, use programmable Smart Clips, paste the date or time, insert example text, perform calculations and paste the result or replace the selection, convert numbers to words, sorts lines and so much more. Check out for a full list of features and an App Store link.