Understanding Document Versions

When you work with documents in macOS, each time you save you are saving a new version of that document. You can revert to a previous version of that document, or grab some items from a previous version that you may have deleted in your current version. This feature works in all Apple apps and many third-party ones as well.

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    7 years ago

    Another helpful hint is: Pressing the Option Key and Restore will save both to the desktop.

    7 years ago

    I've read about Versions but never appreciated their usefulness enough to try and use until I watched your video.
    Good job.

    7 years ago

    Oh boy, another great tip to add to my collection. You're just full of helpful information, Gary!!!!

    7 years ago

    At last I have been given an answer. Thank you for the information and your presentation was so easy to follow

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