MacMost Now 144: The Flip Mino Video Camera

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the Flip Mino compact video camera. This tiny little inexpensive video camera works well with Macs and iMovie.

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    15 years ago

    Glad to see product reviews being added to MacMost!
    Never can have enough toys to go with your Mac.
    I came so close to buying the flip Mino but then I saw MacWorld's review of the
    Kodak Zi6! Same price and features but uses AA batteries for power and comes with two rechargeable ones and recharger to boot.
    This and a few other "comes with" for the same price I think makes it a better deal.

    15 years ago

    Daniel must be looking at something different because the video I see is Gary showing how to get free iPhone ringtones from Macmost. there is no mention of the Flip Mino, which is something I do want.

    15 years ago

    Ian: The video got mixed up for a while. It is the correct one right now.

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