Three-Finger Dragging

You can drag pretty much anything on your Mac’s screen by clicking and holding down, then dragging. But there is an alternative with a Trackpad that a lot of Mac users like. In System Preferences, Accessibility, Pointer Control, Trackpad Options, you can turn on Enable dragging and then set it to three finger drag. Then you can drag objects with three fingers, no clicking required. Note that before Catalina, Pointer Control was called Mouse & Trackpad.

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    Ulrich Maasmeier
    3 years ago

    Good to know!

    As of now, I use Bettertouchtool from and the ctrl key for that functionality - even with "drag zones" for left side (2/3rd) / right side (1/3rd) window placing.

    In the finder, e.g., the 3-finger-drag also selects files.
    But be aware, if some files are already selected, you drag and drop them around faster than you can think of.

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