Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

What are the top 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts and how would you even determine such a thing? Gary from MacMost tackles this difficult task and reveals the to 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts with tips and tricks for using each.

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    Jeanne Bragg
    2 years ago

    Gary--Entertaining, but OH, so useful.
    I do a great deal of machine embroidery and the software I use (Embrilliance) is similar to Photoshop...its uses many of the same tools. I rename files ALL THE TIME, and to have learned Command Z is priceless for me. As is the info about the Globe E emoji tool (in messages for my children 😀).
    I even typed a Pages document with the information as you gave it, and it will be laminated on next to my computer at all times. Again--many thanks.

    Ann Bevins
    2 years ago

    Thank you very much!

    Karen Brown
    2 years ago

    I use your top 10—but you didn't include what I would choose as my top 2: Command-P (Print) & Command-Tab (move between or among open apps). To each his own, right!

    2 years ago

    Karen: Command+Tab just missed the top 10. Probably because there are too many alternatives. Command+P would probably never make the top 100 for me, since I've been doing a paperless office for 10+ years now.

    Larry White
    2 years ago

    Gary - When I'm in Safari, Command-Comma is a lifesaver. It's the equivalent of clicking on Settings, and it's the fastest way to find passwords saved in iCloud Keychain. Thanks for the video.

    2 years ago

    one of my most used: Ctrl ↑ for Mission Control

    Brihaspati dasa
    2 years ago

    Will you be kind to send me your PDF do shortcuts

    2 years ago

    Brihaspati: As I mention in the video, it is right here at the front page of this site.

    2 years ago

    When Spotlight brings up what you’re looking for, you can hit Command-Return to find the folder that it’s in. This also works for Contacts, etc.

    2 years ago

    Great job as always, Gary. I cannot disagree with the placement you gave
    any of these shortcuts. Happy Thanksgiving week!

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