Using Multiple Apps At the Same Time With Multitasking In iPadOS

iPadOS (iOS 13) refines multitasking so it works better than ever. You can bring up two apps at the same time with Split View, or float a window over a full screen all with Slide Over. You can pile up Slide Over windows and flip through them too. Apps can interact with each other through dragging and dropping. There is a lot of different ways to use multitasking so it is best to practice a little before you need it.

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    Bill Braun
    5 years ago


    I don't get the jump in the dock - when I bring up the dock and then touch the icon, it launches the whole app into full screen - is there a setting that I have to have on someplace to make this work?

    5 years ago

    Bill: Just have to keep trying to get it down. Tap, hold, then move.

    John Stires
    5 years ago

    No joy, Gary, I can't pull up a second app. I've tried it to and from a half dozen different apps from every conceivable circumstance and combination. 12.9" iPad Pro, v13.2. I've always had an issue with using two apps at once, it's quite clunky if it works at all.

    JC Blanchard
    5 years ago

    Somewhat confusing, I find. Not your tutorial, but the design!

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