Using Styles In Pages

You can use paragraph and character styles to manage the attributes of your text in a Pages document. You can use the built-in styles, or create your own. When you change some text, you can create a new style and then use it throughout your document. You can then update the text that uses that style in one place.

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    9 years ago

    Hi Gary, is this applicable only to the new Mavericks Pages or can this be done on older versions of Pages (like earlier this year)?

    9 years ago

    Hi Gary, I have just bought a new MacBook Air and have the latest version of Pages installed now. in my older version ('09) you could assign a hotkey to a particular paragraph style. Is that still possible? or has this option now been removed?

    Lorraine McKenzie
    9 years ago

    I am writing a book with many photos included. There doesn't seem to be a facing pages option in Pages 5 so that the book can be bound. When I opened the file in Pages 5, text, photos and formatting were a mess and there weren't any facing pages. Is there a way to fix this or will Apple be including Facing pages again?

      9 years ago

      You will want to keep using the old Pages if you want to do a book like that. That's why Apple allows the old and new versions to co-exist on your Mac. Until this start-from-scratch version has all the features you need, keep using the old version. You may also want to look at Apple's iBooks Author app.

        9 years ago

        Thanks Gary

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