MacMost Now 767: Using Text Columns in Pages

Gary Rosenzweig has a new book about using Pages for Mac: My Pages. In this video, learn how to put your text into columns in iWork Pages on your Mac. You can switch between single and multiple columns using layout breaks. You can customize your columns with the Inspector.

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    12 years ago

    Hi Gary-does your book have some in depth description of the best way to prepare Pages documents for printing by an offset printer? Recently I sent a two page, full color flyer to a printer and the results were less than satisfactory. The pdf format that I used appeared great on monitors but pics were way off in color in print and a number of other graphic elements were very grainy. I sure could use some pro tips on print preparation of Pages docs. Got any? TIA

      12 years ago

      No, sorry. I don't cover that. A good printing company should strive to produce something as good as your file. I don't have any experience using an offset printer -- at least not in this decade.

      Patrick Gallagher
      12 years ago

      A process called flight checking is necessary to ensure that a PDF file will print well. Software is available to do this on your computer. Or a print shop may have the capability.

      Elaine Morrison
      11 years ago

      You always have to check the print-out yourself before relying on the improved version (I've been told) you see on screen. Check the DPI settings. Was the colour the right format (Adobe CS6 help discusses this) for print? Maybe try taking your pages text and using the pro application Adobe InDesign with the pictures. Having been on old Macs I'm new to all these now, but Adobe is supposed to produce pro results, controlling the DPI. - Gary, thx for the column video!!! time to exit my techno cave

    12 years ago

    If you have Pages '08 (versions 3.0.3), how much of the material in your book is applicable?

      12 years ago

      Hard to say as it has been 4 years since I have used the version of Pages before 09. Why not simply upgrade to the most recent version of Pages if you use it that much?

    12 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    I'm responsible for our Historical Society's newsletter column in the Municipal News Bulletin. I prepare it using Pages. I've kept it pretty simple until recently. I eventually send it in Word format because (you've probably guessed it) the Municipal office don't use Macs. QUESTION - I would like to control the layout more. But I have long understood that Word users won't be able to respect this layout unless I send in PDF format... in which case they unfortunately won't be able to participate in the "final" layout. Is that still so? Is there a solution? Am I wrong in assuming all of these fears? Thanks...

      12 years ago

      You are right. If you can send them a PDF, then that is the best solution. But if they need to make modifications, and they only have Word, not Pages, then you are stuck. Maybe you can send them a PDF and they can request any changes from you, and then you can make the changes in Pages?

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