Using the Raspberry Pi 400 With Your Mac and iCloud

The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap computer you can use to access the web, mail, documents and learn basic computing. But by using the web apps and screen sharing can you also use it as an extension of your Apple life?

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    9 months ago

    Gary. Really enjoyed this episode. Thanks!

    Jerry Davis
    9 months ago

    In addition to the HDMI audio, there is a 3.5mm audio out jack.
    You just have to plug in your speakers to that, and direct your audio to use that jack, instead of the HDMI
    Look it up on youtube for how to do that.

    9 months ago

    Jerry: Nope. No audio jack on a Raspberry Pi 400.

    Mike Ross
    9 months ago

    I used a pi (not a 400) as a backup server for my Macs. Attach a big usb drive to the pi, connect to ethernet network, install smb file sharing, point to share from TimeMachine.

    william riordan
    8 months ago

    very nice

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