Using Your Own Photos Or Graphics As Desktop Backgrounds

You don't have to settle for using Apple's images as your desktop background. You can use any photo from your library or image you can obtain as a desktop background. You can also make your own graphics in an image editing app or Keynote to use as a background. You can combine photos and graphics to make an ideal background.

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    Carlos Rivera
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary - one minor point I noticed when you showed that you can drag a photo from Photos to serve as a background (1:40 mark on your video) a message appeared that the photo would be low res. It would seem if you want the high quality version you need to drag it to the drive first I’ve noticed this same low res issue when I dragged and dropped from Photos to Pixelmator Pro

    4 years ago

    Carlos: I noticed that too. It seems to be new. Maybe a bug. I experimented and found that if you hold the Shift key down and drag it will give you the full resolution version. But you have to press and hold Shift before you start to drag. Weird.

    4 years ago

    I make two albums in Photos, one is Desktop and the other is Screensaver. Using those is easier.

    Ruth Jessop
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary
    In my photos folderI just right click on the photo I want to use and left click on share.
    Then I have the option to Set Desktop Picture. Seems much easier to me.

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