MacMost Now 387: Viewing Photos On Your iPad

The Photos app is used to view pictures on your iPad that you sync from iPhoto or iTunes. Although the app is very limited, photos do look great on the iPad screen.

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    14 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    I always love your video explanations on everything Apple. Keep up the good work !


    Mario (Belgium).

    14 years ago

    hey gary! You seem to know alot about the ipad, I want to put all of our merchandise on an ipad as a catalog. Basically just the high quality photos, and i need to have the style#,price,and carat weight with each photo so if a customer likes it i can instantly quote them all the info for that item. How do i do that?

      14 years ago

      Make a PDF version of the catalog and load it into iBooks or any other PDF viewer.

    Karen Kofoet
    14 years ago

    What about using the ipad as a photo viewer to sell pictures.
    I shoot action photos. So the my runner would come get my memory card & bring it back to the sales table. He would need to show the pictures so the parents can pick one & ask for it to be printed. I pads seem so much lighter then computers to use.

    14 years ago

    There is an iPad app named sortshot which can be helpful to you as it is Quicker an easy way of image retrieval through unique photo and video tagging. Tagging options include personalized keywords, ratings, favourites, or type of media ā€“ photo or video. Tapping on a tag provides instant results so that we can further refine our search with additional tags and keywords.

    13 years ago

    Hi.i am a photography passionate.I have collection of around 5k you can imagine how difficult it was to search a i am using Sort Shots app for organizing my pics & after using this app i would say its the best app for organizing & sharing pics.. simply awesome..

    13 years ago

    Okay, Gary well explained. Now how do we delte a photo from the iPad 2?

      13 years ago

      If it is in the Camera Roll, then view the photo and tap the trash can icon. If it in a synced photo album, then simply change your sync options in iTunes to not include that photo the next time you sync. For instance, only sync albums you want to have on your iPad. If you don't want a photo on your iPad, then don't include that photo in an album that you have set to sync.

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