MacMost Now 780: Vintage Photo Effects In iPhoto

Posting stylized photos online is very popular today. You can get these effects through apps on your iPhone, but also using filters in iPhoto. See which filters provide the best results and how to adjust them to your liking.

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    Michael Wheless
    12 years ago

    Gary, I appreciated the reminder of the editing features of iPhoto. My son has been using Instagram lately and it was fun to get his images. I did fiddle around using my iPad as well. However, I do prefer to use iPhoto when I can. There are more features and adjustments in iPhoto. Also, the general idea of taking photos now and editing later is so much more appealing. I would be glad to share a sample, but not sure if I should post an image to a set of comments.

    Cyndi Carignan
    12 years ago

    thank you so much Gary... I have an iPhone 3 and Instagram does not support it. I was so bummed. I love the filters and the vintage look on my pictures, I am pleased that you did this video, it was very helpful. Now I can do my images as well.

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