MacMost Now 86: Washing Your Keyboard

Gary Rosenzweig talks about his success in putting his Mac keyboard in the dishwasher, and the risk you take when you try.

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    16 years ago

    Did you do it with soap or not?

    16 years ago

    MacTipper: With soap. In with the dishes as well.

    15 years ago

    Gary, you saved our day. My son had spilled juice on his keyboard and after watching your video we bought a 12 dollar spare keyboard, then put the Mac keyboard in the top rack (no soap, short cycle, and no heated dry,). We dried it standing up against heater so that the water could leak out. When we tried it after two days everything worked. Thank you!

    12 years ago

    I followed the instructions - upside down, top rack, no soap, quickest cycle and taped over the USB ports/USB cable. After the wash cycle I left it to dry upside down over a towel and eventually moved it outside on a breezy spring day. The keys are white and clean...and I'm typing on it right now - 48 hours after the wash! Thanks for the tip.

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